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Reading list schedule of papers to talk about

Dawes Centre for Future Crime

Reading group

Hello everyone!

Below you can find our reading group schedule. The structure of each session is flexible but generally contains the following components:

Examples for discussion points are:

We then talk about these issues as a group and everyone can pitch in their thoughts and ideas. Important is, that we are not set to a specific layout, but rather go with the discussion and see where it leads us. Since we represent quite a range of different reserach areas, this should be an opportunity to ask questions on any aspects we would like to know more about, in which others might have some expertise in.

The location of the meetings is announced a few weeks prior in the calendar invite.

Happy reading :)

Reading schedule

Date/Time Room Presenter Paper
28.10.2019 - (3-4 pm) Teaching room, 35 Tavistock Square Max Boneh, D., Grotto, A. J., McDaniel, P., & Papernot, N. (2019). How Relevant is the Turing Test in the Age of Sophisbots? ArXiv:1909.00056 [Cs, Stat]. Retrieved from
11.11.2019 - (3-4 pm) Teaching room, 35 Tavistock Square Felix Harris, C. G. (2019, September). Comparing Human Computation, Machine, and Hybrid Methods for Detecting Hotel Review Spam. In Conference on e-Business, e-Services and e-Society (pp. 75-86). Springer, Cham.
25.11.2019 - (3-4 pm) Room 944, 20 Bedford Way (IOE) Octavian Bryant, R. (2001). What Kind of Space is Cyberspace? 18.
09.12.2019 - (3-4 pm) Teaching room, 35 Tavistock Square Mariam tbc